We’re doing our bit at Broad Street Mall to be more sustainable, so when you visit you can do you bit too…


In-centre recycling bins

We’re zero landfill at Broad Street Mall. This means none of the waste produced in the centre ends up in landfill. We sort all consumer and commercial waste produced within the centre into recyclable and non-recyclable waste. All recyclable materials are sent off to recycling plants and what can’t be recycled is sent to a local waste energy facility to create electricity.

Visit here to find out what we have recycled so far this year here

Help us when you’re in the centre, by using the relevant bins provided!


Clothes Recycling

Have you had a clear out of your wardrobe?

Take them to TKMaxx and drop them in their donation box which they give to Cancer Research UK to be sold.


Bring your own bag

Don’t forget to pick up a reusable bag before you leave home to put all your shopping in. Or invest in one at the centre at The Works or TKMaxx.


Make up Recycling

Want to avoid throwing your empty make up products away?  Take them into Superdrug and they’ll recycle them for you.


Shop for Guilt Free Beauty

Pop into Superdrug, Holland & Barrett or Wilko for a range of eco products. From zero waste beauty ranges to zero waste feminine ranges, there is a wide choice of sustainable products available.


Reusable Beauty

Head to Superdrug and Holland & Barrett to check out their range of reusable beauty products, from cotton pads and face cloths, to refillable deodorants and body wash.


Too Good to Go

Grab a bargain at the end of the day to help reduce food waste! Download the Too Good to Go app and pick up a bag of discounted goodies from Greggs (subject to availability).


Free Water Refills

Having fun at Broad Street Mall is thirsty work! Reuse your water bottle and pop into Greggs for a refill.


Guilt Free Celebrations

Present wrapping can be sustainable too, so celebrate with plastic free cards and wrapping paper at the Card Factory.


Go Organic

Going organic is better for the environment because the production of the products involves less pollution, soil erosion and energy.  Eliminating the use of pesticides in farming also benefits nearby birds and animals and people who live close to farms. So, check out Grape Tree for their range of organic products.


Recycled coffee cups

Muffin Break runs a great scheme where for every takeaway coffee or hot drink sold in store, they’ll pay to have one cup recycled by Simply Cups.

Plus, don’t forget you can buy yourself a reusable cup in retailers including Wilko’s and TKMaxx so then you don’t need to use takeaway cups – even better!

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