Unleash your festival locks June 27, 2019

Festival Hair 2

When it comes to making a statement on the festival field, we’ve got some easy hacks to make sure your hair is on point, while the team at Headmasters and Sally are on hand for your festival season styling requirements.

Beads & braids

Threading a few accent beads through your braids is an easy way to give your hair a little care-free bling.

Colourful threads

Weave colourful threads through your corn-rows for some cats-cradle charm.

Rainbow locks

Red and yellow and pink and blue… go all out with the colour and all eyes will be on you!


Rock that windswept look with natural waves and messy buns, fixed with your go-to spray.

Day 3 hair

3 days without washing and your hair is likely to look a little grim. But fear not, our little friend from the ‘90’s is here to save the day. Slick back your locks into a low pony or bun and slide on a zig zag hairband to secure any wisps.