Small Silence Art Installation July 17, 2019 | In Events

Small Silence


Small Silence Art Installation (Part of Reading Fringe Festival)
Old Footlocker Store Broad Street Mall, Reading

Open: 10am - 8pm Monday 22nd – Saturday 27th July 11am – 4pm Sunday 28th July


 A space for you to explore your own noisy silence

Shared spaces for quiet downtime are slowly disappearing from our town. This immersive sound installation offers a space for stillness and explores ways in which the soundscape of our local quiet spaces support our sense of stillness, reflecting on what value these public places have for people in Reading today.

Part of a summer of ‘small silence’ arts events, Reading-based sound artist Richard Bentley will be collaborating with multimedia artist Mark Langley to explore the relationship between soundscape and stillness, the sacred and the mundane, creating a quiet space for you to stop, reflect and enjoy a moment of silence amidst the hustle and bustle. The installation is created for you to become absorbed in, to rest in, to take time out and be with your own noisy silence