Reasons to get ACTIVE Jan. 2, 2020 | In Events

When it comes to activity, the benefits are endless. Not only will it improve your overall appearance and increase lean body mass, but you will also feel more energised and able to focus more easily. Your body will actually burn more calories when at rest and you will be more able to withstand stress. Maintaining a certain level of fitness also helps to decrease the risk of illness, speed up recovery from injury or surgery, plus it improves flexibility and cardiovascular endurance.

The Gym Group, here at Broad St. Mall is the perfect place to kick start your New Years fitness programme. Open 24 hours, 7 days a week it’s easy to fit your workout round your working week. There’s no contract and a great range of free classes to choose from plus a variety of equipment for low impact workouts, cardio, as well as weights to work out every muscle group.

Make sure you look the part for your gym debut with the latest activewear available at TK Maxx, Trespass and New Look.