Life drawing at Broad St Mall Dec. 5, 2017 | In Events

Life Drawing Adult Workshop

We're running a series of friendly untutored life drawing class every Sunday from 10am to 1:30pm at Jelly HQ in the Broad St Mall. They're very welcoming and open to new members whether you're a professional artist, student or just a keen hobbyist. We use a variety of different models that we rotate every week to keep things feeling fresh and interesting. You can choose from a one, two or three hour session each with a mix of pose durations and different start times.

We begin at 10am with an hour of short duration poses: 6 x 10 second poses; 6 x 30 second poses; 10 x 1minute pose; 5 x 2minute pose; 3 x 5minute pose; 2 x 10 minute pose.

Then, after a short break, we begin again at around 11:15am with the following: 3 x 5 minute pose; 1 x 10 minute pose; 1 x 15 minute pose; 1 x 20 minute pose.

After another break we begin our final session at 12:30pm which consists of: 2 x 30 minute poses or 1 x 1hr pose (depending on model's perserverence and attendee preferance)

You are welcome to join us for any number or combination of the drawing sessions but there is a small cost depending on what you choose... £10 for the full 3 hours, £8 for 2 hours or just £5 for a single hour. We provide free refreshments during each break between sessions as well as some materials though we recommended you bring your own if possible. Please arrive 5 minutes before the start times for each session so we are seated and ready to start at the appropriate times (10am, 11.15am and 12.30pm)

If you have any questions regarding this workshop or anything else Jelly related please get in touch via our website.