A week of wellbeing May 12, 2023 | In News, Events

Join us for ‘a week of wellbeing’ from Monday 15th to Sunday 21st May.

During this week, we’ll be running a series of activities to help highlight the importance of putting time into personal wellbeing to improve your mental health. This includes:

A social media competition with four wellbeing hampers up for grabs. Each hamper will be themed around top tips to help improve personal wellbeing, including ‘walking for wellbeing’, ‘exercising for wellbeing’, ‘talking for wellbeing’ and ‘writing for wellbeing’. This will be supported by a series of top tips that will be showcased on the social media channels across the week.

A new ‘wellbeing chatty bench’ which will be installed in Central Square, where we will be enticing people to sit and share their feelings with friends and family. This activity is aimed at helping to highlight the positive impact talking can have on mental health and reducing anxiety.

A new ‘Text Sally’ initiative will go live during this week. In a bid to discourage the anxiety and taboo around not having access to sanitary or baby products, customers will be able to text ‘Sally’ for sanitary products or ‘baby’ for baby products to a number provided within the customer toilets, and a member of the team on site will be there within five minutes with the products they need.

The retailers will be showing their support by wearing a green ribbon throughout Mental Health Awareness Week.

For more info, follow our social media channels and for handy wellbeing resources visit here