Fantastic Snow Art Scene at Broad St Mall! April 23, 2021 | In News

A spectacular snow arts scene has transformed the window of the China Palace unit at Broad St Mall! With the use of a can of snow spray and a dry brush, artist Tom Baker, aka BOB Sled has created an amazing display.

"We wanted to create something positive, which would give the shoppers something interesting to look at rather than an empty unit - a stark reminder of the current situation on many high streets! The reason we chose the theme of Bugsy Malone was the link with Reading! Parts of the movie were filmed at the old Huntley & Palmers biscuit factory in Kings Road which provided the exterior of the splurge gun factory - which is where we drew our inspiration with a play on words "Let Pie Guns be Pie Guns"  and we took the wording " Give a little love and it all comes back to you" from the song "Give a little love" featured in the movie. We are installing windows in empty units in town centres free of charge as it's our way of giving back to the high street!"

Check out the stunning display on Oxford Road at Broad St Mall.

Snow Window