Environmental Policy

We recognise we have responsibilities to the environment we operate in and a duty to protect it.  We want to ensure we maximise the experience of our customers and tenants whilst minimising adverse impacts upon the environment. In relation to the operation and management of Broad Street Mall as a retail and leisure destination and Fountain House as an office space.

We are committed to: 

Taking a structured approach to the management of our activities aligned with ISO14001.

Fulfilling our compliance obligations and identify best practices which could improve our environmental performance

Protecting the environment and preventing pollution. Where our activities unavoidably impact upon the environment, reasonable actions will be taken to mitigate and reduce impacts.

Continually improve our environmental management system to enhance environmental performance.

Through the Environmental Management System (EMS) we aim to focus on the following:

Maximising the efficient use resources including electricity, gas and water

Minimising waste and maximising the segregation of waste for recycling

Communication with our stakeholders, including our employees, occupiers, suppliers, customers and service providers to raise awareness of environmental issues and ensure effective management of our environmental impact.

Incorporating environmental considerations, including the sustainable use of resources and materials into our daily business.

Encouraging the purchase of sustainable products and materials

Minimising our impact on climate change

Environmental objectives will be established on an annual basis, monitored and reviewed regularly to ensure that these aims are achieved.

This policy is communicated to all employees and those working under our control. The policy is available to other interested parties upon request.

This Environmental Policy will be reviewed on a regular basis by top management to ensure it continues to reflect our EMS, aligns with the overall business strategy and our compliance obligations.