Reading 's key features / characteristics

Its brand value is in its all round offer:

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1.     Location - geographic and strategic, i.e. capital of the Thames Valley as well as its proximity to London / LHR
2.     Accessibility - three motorway junctions, central rail station and high quality bus corridors
3.     Two universities
4.     Two rivers and the sporting excellence associated with rivers, i.e. rowing
5.     International dimension - 13 out of the 30 "top billion dollar brands " are in the Thames Valley
6.     Highly skilled workforce and low unemployment (2.2% in Feb 04)
7.     A visionary and "enabling " local authority
8.     The quality of the local and regional environment
9.     Proximity to attractions
10.   Gastronomy
11.   Cafe / bar culture
12.   High - tech connectivity
13.   Heritage, e.g. Henry 1, etc
14   Culture and sport - festivals, stadia, London Irish, FFC, marathon, etc